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  • Prof. Amit R Dhone

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25 Students per batch

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⇒     Help you to build up your opinions and develop English speaking style.

⇒     Enhance your capacity to understand easily and utilize vocabulary to day to day task in your life through a Spoken English Course.

⇒     This will enhance your capacity to express thoughts unmistakably, properly, clearly, unquestionably and, undoubtedly in English.

⇒     Help you to understand the important features of English syntax, structures and guidelines.

⇒     Convey your message more confidently.

⇒     Speak with ease and more fluently, correctly.

⇒     Sentence structures improvement.

⇒     Vocabulary building.

⇒     Preparing you to share your opinions to get socialize in English.

⇒     Have the capacity to get, and prevail in, work which needs English.

⇒     Reading

⇒     Comprehension

⇒     Grammar

⇒     Vocabulary Building

⇒     Tenses in English, 

⇒     Sentences Writing, Sentence Structure

⇒     Self Introduction, 

⇒     Thinking in English, Mirror Practice

⇒     Confidence Building, Introduction to Public Speaking

⇒     Topics for Speaking, Essay and Letter Writing

⇒     Group Discussion, Marketing Skills 

⇒     Role Play and Live Presentation in English.

⇒     60 plus activities

⇒     Fluent Communication

⇒     Personality Development

⇒     Develop Positive Attitude

⇒     Body Language 

⇒     Confidence Building

⇒     Soft Skills

⇒     Communication Skills

⇒     Presentation Skills

⇒     Interview Technics

⇒     Currier Guidance

⇒     Stage Daring

Course Objective

Fluency in Speaking English at any situation.

Develop more confidence to express your thoughts in English in public places.

Presenting your self more effectively in Personal Interview and Group Discussion.

Framing sentences in English which is grammatically correct.

Preparing and Developing your skills as per corporate industry requirement.

Course Duration

3 Months, 10 Days ( 14 weeks ) – Monday to Saturday


Morning: 7:30 am to 8:30 am | 8:30 am to 9:30 am

Evening: 6:30 pm to 7:30 pm | 7:30 pm to 8:30 pm  

Sai English Learner's Academy

The course structure at Sai English Learner’s Academy is intended to Help Students for those who wants to Start their career effectively to achieve their life goals and guarantee that they don’t face any problems or issues because of their English Language Communication. The Course Structure for Best Spoken English Classes in Arni road, Yavatmal,  is designed on very important aspects i.e. Speaking, Writing, Listening, Reading and Presentation Skills Development with special focus on Soft Skills and Interview Skills and Training.


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